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BeOS Apps That I Break -- I Mean -- Develop.

Mr. Peeps!

Current Version: 1.1 Stable. [Download]

Unstable Developement Version: 1.2 Beta 2 [Download]

Language Pack v0.3 (for Mr.Peeps 1.2) [Download]

v1.2 Translation Kit: [Download]

A free, simple, fast, easy-to-use, studly open source contact manager designed to make entering and looking up information as easy as possible. Goofy name, serious app.


  • Close attention to ease-of-use
  • Fast keyboard navigation
  • Autosave
  • Multiple groups per contact
  • Drag and drop pictures to add photos
  • More kinds of data than any other contact manager
  • Automatic formatting of recognized data, such as phone numbers
Thanks to Justin Bishop, who prompted this overgrown weekend project with his application, Peeps. If you like DeeperPeople, you'll probably like Mr. Peeps! even more.

Current Version: 0.1 RC 3 [Download]

Taglib sources (binaries included in pkg) [Download]

SimplyVorbis is a program which will allow you to turn CD music into digital music files for your listening convenience on your computer or iPod. No hassles - just music. MP3 and Ogg Vorbis the way it should be.


  • CD Autorecognition
  • Convert an entire CD with 1 click
  • No Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Allows use of queries to make live playlists with its files
  • Automatic lookup of CD information via the Internet
  • Remarkable ease-of-use - kitchen sink not included :)
  • Automatic playlist generation
Scripture Guide
[Screenshot] [Screenshot 2]

Current Version: 0.8 [Download] [Download Source]
Home Page: [Click Here]

A Bible study program based on the SWORD Project and licensed under the GPL. Jan Bungeroth is the main author of this app, but I have contributed to it, as well -- mostly in the usability department.


  • Some support for different languages
  • Simple method for downloading new books from the Internet
  • Fast lookups of Scripture verses
  • A great many Biblical commentaries available in addition to many different versions of the Bible



Current Version: 1.0 (Beta) [Download]

A file manager which operates in a manner similar to Windows Explorer. Seeker is a revival of a project named Corova Pioneer by Jason Siemens, released under the MIT license.


  • Support for other languages
  • Use Tracker add-ons like in Tracker
  • Easy switching to Tracker
  • Send To menu
  • Fast Keyboard navigation
Fortuna 1.0

No Screenshot for this app

Current Version: 1.1 [Download]

Fortune Pack Current Version: 1.0 [Download]

Fortuna is a simple program which shows a fortune and is a good replacement for the non-working BeFortune. It chooses randomly from the fortune files installed on your system. Power users can install fortune files from Linux into /boot/beos/etc/fortunes.

Also available here is a pack of funny (but family-friendly) fortunes, including quotes from Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes, the quote files from WalterCon 2004 and 2005, one-liners, and a great many other bits of humor to brighten your day.



Current Version: 1.0 beta 1 [Download]

Recibe is a recipe manager for BeOS.


  • Over 50000 recipes in bundled recipe database
  • Bookmark favorite recipes
  • Print recipes for handy reference
  • Browse categories for ideas


Current Version: 1.0 [Download]

BeVexed is a BeOS version of the popular puzzle game TetraVex.


  • 5 Levels of difficulty
  • Customizable Tile Sizes
  • Fun to play
Lights Off!


Current Version: 1.0 beta 1 [Download]

Lights Off! is a rendition of the highly-addictive game "Lights Out!"


  • 1050 Puzzles in all
  • Looks and sounds good
  • Fun to play


Current Version: 0.62a [Download] [Download Source]

Current Version: 0.54a [Download] [Download Source]

I learned about writing a BeOS program on this, which is a continuation of Photon. BePhotoMagic is an image processing application. While not extremely useful, it's fun to play around with. The sources are GPL, so feel free to play around.


  • Compatible with filters for Eden
  • Skinnable toolbar
  • Works in a similar way to Photoshop